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Laser Dentistry

Partha's Dental Clinic - Laser Dentistry Treatment

We have introduced Diode Dental Laser, the latest tool in our modern clinic. We believe in giving our patients, the world best treatment options with the latest equipments and promise to continue the same.

Laser dentistry is an advanced system which involves the use of hard and soft tissue lasers.

Advantages of Lasers over conventional Technologies
  • No need for dental drills
  • Treatment of pyorrhea (Bleeding Gums) without surgery by laser
  • Painless root canal treatment by laser
  • Cosmetic & facial treatment by laser
  • Analgesic effect minimum Anesthetic requirement
  • Single step procedure for teeth whitening
  • Immediate relief from painful oral ulcers & tooth sensitivity
  • Effective Treatment of restricted mouth opening (OSMF) by laser
  • Bloodless dental & oral procedure - so less or no swelling, no pain, no drug
  • Faster and better healing
  • Laser assisted wisdom tooth removal